Estate Sales

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Are you settling an estate? Moving or downsizing, and facing quick deadlines?  Overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Our experienced team is prepared to help you. We do the work, and you benefit with the assurance and satisfaction of a professionally conducted sale and liquidation. Our record for integrity, expertise, and positive results is well established.

For a variety of reasons, an estate sale is an ideal way to quickly liquidate the contents of a home or business. If the value and volume of the contents of a home are sizeable enough to warrant an estate sale, our staff handles all aspects of the process, including set up, pricing, marketing, conducting the sale, and advice on disposal of any remaining property. We’re bonded and insured to protect the needs of our clients.

If there’s a need to sell only partial contents of a home, Silvey Estate Sales attempts to offer consignment opportunities for those clients.

We’re proud of our management and staff’s knowledge of antiques, collectibles, residential contents and more. We encourage and practice ongoing education in these areas, both personally and professionally. This assures Silvey Estate Sales’ ability to recognize, identify, and assign appropriate value to our clients’ possessions.

To learn more about who we are and how we conduct estate sales as well as appraisals, see ABOUT US.


Personal Property Appraisals

Contact Silvey Estate Sales for a free, no obligation consultation: 918-770-2407.

Silvey Estate Sales has the expertise to conduct personal property appraisals for the function of settling estate matters, equitable distribution of property, insurance, divorce, charitable donation, or personal inventory.

Personal property appraisals are often required in a variety of situations:

• The settlement of an estate for taxes, equitable distribution, or liquidation

• Documentation of charitable donations in compliance with IRS requirements

• Verifying existence and ownership of property in case of property loss

• Determination of value of property for divorce settlement

• Curiosity about the value of one’s property

• Appraisal of items for personal inventory

Silvey Estate Sales will follow professional standards of appraisal practice in producing a thorough report for your purposes.

To learn more about our qualifications to perform appraisals, see ABOUT US.